Nokia to offer free Windows Phones to devs, platform expected to flourish?

Nokia, after the first release of its first Windows Phone devices, the Nokia Lumia 710 and 800, is now offering developers with free devices. This is in the effort to attract developers to develop more applications for the platform, thereby increase of the number of application available in the marketplace.

Market share attracts application developers and Microsoft mobile operation system, with a low market share, has not received all the supports that it can; but Microsoft and its partners are not staying idle. At the Nokia World conference, where Microsoft and Nokia introduced the first Mango-based Nokia phones, Nokia official reported to be offering the newly-introduced Nokia Lumia 800 free to mobile app developers in an attempt to lure them to develop apps for Windows Phone OS, well only the committed developers.

In unofficial but confirmed manner, Marco Argenti, the SVP of Developer and Marketplace of Nokia, announced that Nokia will be offering 25000 free Lumia 800 units with the idea of enticing developers to develop application for the one-year long mobile platform.

Microsoft, on its parts, since the first release of Windows Phone 7.0 and the Mango released, has offered developers with ample resources for the mobile platform; that is reflected with the number of applications available in the marketplace estimated at more than 35000 apps. The software giant has offered developers with what is arguably the best IDE (Integrated Development Environments) and a new sets of API (Application Programming Interface) allowing developer to build more robust applications that will take of features such as task switcher, fast-resume and multitask.

And Nokia, with the release of Lumia 710 and the Lumia 800, which according to Stephen Elop is “the first real Windows Phone”, is poised to get some market shares with the new devices especially in Europe where Nokia has strong relation with carriers. Although the reviews have been mixed, the general consensus is that Nokia first Windows Phone devices are amazing.

With Acer announcing its first Windows Phone, Windows Phone Allegro, and partners like HTC and Samsung recently announcing some of the Mango-based devices; plenty of Windows Phone hardwares are now available for consumers in time for the upcoming holidays, which in turn will translate with gain market share. It is worth nothing that the new Nokia phones are not available for the US, yet, although Mr. Elop promised to have Nokia phones available “early next year.”

All the initiatives, with the effort of Microsoft, Nokia and its OEM partners show commitment to the platform should make happy currents developers and entice the one that are hesitant to join. The free phones promised by Nokia will be distributed to developers when they become available.

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