Nokia Music+ service now available in the United States, perfect compliment to your Lumia

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Nokia Music

Nokia introduced its new Music+ service last month and now it is available in the United States. If you own a Nokia Lumia handset, this music service is the perfect compliment to your Windows Phone device.

Nokia Music+ is, to sum it up, a premium upgrade to its free Mix Radio service. Not only will it have a cheap monthly subscription fee of $3.99, but it will also go head to head with Microsoft’s own Xbox Music service. Interestingly enough, Nokia Music+ has all the same features Xbox Music has, expect for the Lyrics feature which Xbox Music does not have. Music+ also offers access to millions of songs out of the box without the need to sign up, sign in, or listen to pesky advertisements in between songs. You can even skip songs and save playlists for offline use. Sure to be a contender to Xbox Music and Spotify, among other music services. If you have a Nokia Lumia handset, go try out Nokia Music+!

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