Nokia Moonraker shown off in new video, the smartwatch that could have been

Dennis Bednarz

Nokia has been noted to work on a smartwatch before Microsoft’s acquisition of the company’s hardware division in 2014. The Moonraker was discontinued by Microsoft Mobile and unfortunately never saw the light of day. The watch featured a nice and clean design bundled with an operating system that matched the design of Nokia software for Windows Phone at the time.

The video that was leaked shows the device in, what we assume, is the state it was in just before the cancellation. The quality of the video leaves much to be desired but what’s important is there.

The interface seems a little sluggish and unpolished but that is not a surprise as the device was still under development and never left that state. It features a magnetic charging port, just like the Pebble and supports all the basic features one would expect from a smartwatch.

The sad part about this is that this project is already confirmed dead, as the cancellation resulted in the Microsoft Band that is also dead now. For the few of us that use Windows 10 Mobile out there, there are no more first-party or second-party smartwatches available.