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Nokia to Microsoft: We might not want you for our Tablets

This one is going to be labeled as interesting. Turns out, Microsoft and Nokia's deal included a strategic partnership when it came to smartphones. But now, Nokia is considering whether or not to continue using Microsoft for their Tablet line. Instead, Nokia might go elsewhere for its Tablets.

As Reuters reports, Nokia is working on its strategy for entering the tablet computer market and it may not include Microsoft. This comes straight from a source who has knowledge of the company's thinking. Recently, it was announced that Nokia and Microsoft would form a partnership for smartphones.

Nokia plans on entering the Tablet computer market very late in the game and wants their first tablet to be just right. "That could include Microsoft, it may not," the source said.

Nokia will not be using Windows Phone 7 on its Tablets, but instead would be looking at a full fledged tablet operating system. This may not be a bad idea on Nokia's part considering that Microsoft is reported to not release a Tablet operating system until 2012.

Nokia is still considering its options for tablets and these include MeeGo, a platform Nokia has been jointly developing with Intel.

Would this affect your decision to purchase a Nokia tablet?

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