Nokia Lumia advertisement makes fun of Android, calls iPhone users 'iSheep' (video)

Nokia Lumia

Microsoft's advertisements are getting edgier as of late. Check out this new video highlighting the Nokia Lumia, powered by Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system.

In this video, a wedding is taking place and numerous pictures are being snapped using various smartphones, including Apple's iPhone and Google's Android. See what happens when all hell breaks loose and everyone begins to fight. Even iPhone users are referred to as "iSheep" in this video!

The Samsung Galaxy line of phones is made fun of and referred to as "an enourmous phone." Microsoft suggests that people should fight and that frustrated consumers should switch to a Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone to ease all their troubles.

This video is actually pretty funny, so take a seat and hit play to check out the newest WIndows Phone promo video highlighting Nokia's Lumia smartphone.

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