Nokia Lumia 930 press render leaked hours ahead of its expected official announcement

Hammad Saleem

Nokia Lumia 930

Not too long ago, the notorious Twitter leaker tweeted out about another new Nokia device codenamed “Martini”, which was later named as the Nokia Lumia 930. We didn’t get a lot of information about the handset, nor did we get any information about how it looks. Now, @evleaks is back with more, and this time, he presents the Nokia Lumia 930 in the form of a press render.

Based on the leaked press render, it seems the device will come in an array of colors, including black, white, orange and green. The handset looks quite similar to the recently-announced Nokia Lumia Icon, which is exclusively available from Verizon in the US. So, we’re wildly guessing it’s the international version of the handset, or for those who would love to get the Lumia Icon in unlocked flavor, and with the latest Windows Phone 8.1 OS Microsoft unveiled moments ago.

Nokia is expected to kick off with its media event in just a few hours, and we’ll find out if this is true or not — on most occasions, @evleaks is spot on so we’re hoping he’s correct this time as well.