Nokia Lumia 929 rumored to be named the Icon

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Nokia Lumia 929 rumored to be named the Icon

We’ve been waiting, somewhat less than patiently, for the next big hardware release from Nokia. The Finnish handset maker has teased us, well, not so much intentionally, with rumors of the Lumia 929. A brand new smartphone that will take the place of Verizon’s current Lumia 928. The device sports a 20 MP camera and packs a Quad-core Snapdragon 800 at 2.2 GHz, along with 32 GB of storage, into its five-inch frame. Or at least, that’s what we are hearing. 

But today we learn a bit more about the device, though bear in mind that this is still far from being etched in stone. However, if what are hearing proves accurate, then the 929 will break the traditional naming convention that Nokia has been following, and instead add a real moniker to the device. The Nokia Icon. Like it? Yeah, I’m not so sure either. The name itself isn’t bad, but it actually may lend confusion to what already seemed a baffling lineup. Second, there is a new rumored release date — the Icon/929 is now expected to hit the market on January 16th, missing CES and debuting ahead of Mobile World Conference.

Given the success of the Lumia 928, the Icon could fare well on the market. That is providing, of course, it actually comes out, and actually lives up to the expectations. The latter is always the tricky bit. As previously stated, none of this is confirmed, but we will certainly keep you posted as more is known.

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