Nokia Lumia 925 spotted in Superman ‘Man of Steel’ movie (video)

Nokia Lumia 925

The upcoming movie Man Of Steel will feature a particularly familiar device as a product placement, the Nokia Lumia 925. The Windows Phone 8 handset, or what appeared to be the Lumia 925, was spotted in a recent “Behind the scenes” extended footage which was released June 1st. Check out the video below, at the 9:42 mark.

Nokia unveiled the Lumia 925 smartphone on May 14th, powered by Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 platform. This new smartphone, powered by Windows Phone 8, comes with a sleek, metal-finished design, a new AMOLED display, and a better PureView imaging technology for better pictures.

It’s no surprise to see Nokia’s Lumia handset appear in various media outlets as product placement. Recently, a yellow-colored Nokia Lumia 920 appeared in a Kelly Clarkson music video called “People Like Us.”

Thanks for the tip, Randy!

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