Nokia Lumia 635 Moneypenny screenshot leaked, shows on-screen buttons

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The notorious Twitter leaker @evleaks posted a screenshot of the alleged Nokia Moneypenny with dual-SIM capabilities a few weeks back. Now, he’s back with more and has reveled another screenshot of the rumored handset, and clearly mentions it’s the Nokia Lumia 635. Unlike the previous screenshot, this one is running only one SIM along with the on-screen buttons that are expected to launch with Windows Phone 8.1 next year, along with a bunch of official application icons on the home screen.

Surprisingly, the screenshot shows the handset is running on 4G LTE connectivity and is a single-SIM device, so its safe to assume that the dual-SIM version of the Nokia Moneypenny is the Lumia 630. The Finnish company could be planning to launch the Lumia 630 in emerging markets where customers don’t have 4G LTE connectivity, while the second model, the Nokia Lumia 635, might be for regions that have 4G networks such as the United States, and others. Anyway, here’s the full screenshot for your viewing pleasure:

Nokia Lumia 635

There’s still no word on what the alleged Nokia Lumia 630 will bring to the table. The only thing we can say about the Lumia 630/635 is it’s a mid-range device and should come with an affordable price tag. Obviously, we could be wrong, but the screenshot shows a resolution of 480 x 854, that is an FWVGA display. 

There is no word from the Finnish maker about the launch of the handset, but there’s a chance we might get to see the Nokia Moneypenny, along with a bunch of other Lumias, at  Mobile World Congress 2014 which will take place in Barcelona, Spain in between February 24th and February 27th. We’ll update you once we have more information about the Nokia Lumia Moneypenny.

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