Nokia Lumia 520 on Rogers to get Lumia Black update on March 10

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Nokia Lumia 520

The Nokia Lumia 520 has received the Lumia Black update in most of the regions globally, but the carriers in Canada have yet to provide a definite date for its availability. Things are about to change if you're rocking this handset tied to Rogers, as the carrier has updated its support page, and mentioned the Nokia Lumia Black update roll out will begin starting March 10th for the best-selling Windows Phone handset.

Things might seem a little late for Lumia users in Canada who are in possession of the entry-level Windows Phone handsets. But, the good news is; it's about to begin. As far as the new features are concerned, the latest Black update will bring support for custom ringtones, glance screen 2.0, improved storage management and WiFi sharing, a host of Nokia-specific apps such as Storyteller, Beamer, etc., double tap to wake, a driver mode to restrict notifications while at the wheel, and more.

The update should commence on March 10th, but you won't necessarily get the update on the first day. It might take a few days to hit all devices, but you should stay calm and wait for the magical notification to pop up on your screen.

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