Nokia Lumia 2520 becomes a John Lewis exclusive 4th December (UK)


Nokia Lumia 2520 becomes a John Lewis exclusive 4th December (UK)

The market for tablets running Windows 8.1 looks like, after something of a faltering start, it could be about to get off the ground. So far, the only real contenders for the Windows RT tablet crown have been the Surface RT and Surface 2. Nokia’s launch of the Lumia 2520, a 10.1-inch tablet from the company more readily associated with Windows Phone handsets, could be the one that kicks things off for real.

The 2520 has been available in the US for a week or so now, but the launch in the UK is not until 4 December — just in time for Christmas. Oddly, this is not going to be a tablet that will be seen in many places. In fact you’ll only find it at John Lewis who has an exclusive deal to sell the device.

Available for £399 (a price not too far removed from the $499 MSRP in the States), this is Nokia first tablet and it retains the look we have become familiar with through the Lumia phone range. With a choice of Gloss Red and Silk Black, this is a good-looking device and it’s backed up by decent hardware.

Under the hood you’ll find Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset complete with 4G connectivity, and there are two cameras: a 6.7MP unit on the rear camera and a 2MP front facer. The battery is a fast-charging unit that offers up to 11 hours of usage.

Could this be the start of a tablet war? With all of the rumors about killing off RT (which are nothing but rumors, we hasten to add) how do you think a new Windows RT tablet will fare?