Nokia Lumia 1020 hits fire sale pricing on AT&T, down to $49.99

Nokia Lumia 1020 hits fire sale pricing on AT&T

The news cycle is barely done churning over the earnings report from Nokia, the one that Windows Phone customers held so much hope for, only to have their feelings dashed. Yes, the news was not good, and further analysis of the raw numbers has led to a perhaps even bleaker picture. Things can’t get worse right?

Wrong. Now the company’s flagship handset, the Lumia 1020, has had its price slashed on US carrier AT&T. Despite the beautiful hardware and the incredible camera contained in it, the phone has been cut down to $49.99. That is, of course, with a two-year contract.

The sale is certainly good news for those looking to snag the device, but it doesn’t provide the brightest picture for Nokia. After a rather sad day yesterday, today doesn’t get better. A flagship phone from rival Android will generally fetch $199, and in some cases more (with contract). Yes, the company has released a 1520 that is, arguably, the new flagship, but it should not warrant this sort of sale. The Finnish company tweeted “because everyone deserves amazing photos. Lumia 1020 is now available from $49.99”.

Nokia, is in the midst of being taken over by Microsoft, but this doesn’t bode well for either entity involved. It can be played off as a sale, but the implications are there for taking it as simply bad news.

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