Nokia Imaging SDK 1.2 and SensorCore SDK for Lumia now available

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Nokia Imaging SDK 1.2 and SensorCore SDK for Lumia now available

At the Microsoft Build Developer Conference 2014, Nokia announced its fully fledged Imaging SDK 1.2 which has the same technology that powers apps like Nokia Cinemagraph, Creative Studio, and Storyteller. It can help developers in building superior apps by taking advantage of Nokia's camera hardware.

Nokia has released the Imaging and SensorCore software development kit for Nokia Lumia handsets and is available for download. The latest release supports Lumia smartphones running Windows Phone 8.0 and 8.1, including devices (tablets and desktop PCs) that are running Windows 8.1. Developers, reusing the same code, can also work on applications across multiple Windows platforms.

By using the Imaging SDK 1.2, developers now have the ability to create mesmerizing applications for users that can easily make animated GIFs. The added Image Alignment API will also help to stabilize your photo sequences, getting rid of hand shakes. Devices without the PureView Optical Image Stability feature will definitely benefit from this.

Another feature of Nokia's Imaging SDK 1.2 is combining images. With the help of the new Local Blending API, combining and positioning images of different sizes on top of other images is now possible (create that perfect group shot by combining front and back camera photos). 

The company has also taken Lumia SensorCore SDK out from public bata. It will come equipped with devices like the new Lumia 630, Lumia 635, and Lumia 930. SensorCore can also be activated on Lumia 1520 and Lumica Icon via the Lumia Cyan software update. 

SensorCore technology gives you the ability to store your movements, such as walking, running or even being idle. Bing Health & Fitness app uses SensorCore but app developers can now use it to get it on the action. It is designed to consume little to no power at all, hence, no battery drain issues (unlike traditional sensor technologies). 

If you are an app developer and want to test your own app development skills, there are two new Challenges on that invite you to make the most of the Lumia SensorCore SDK beta.

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