Nokia goes Rube Goldberg for new Lumia ad

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta May 8th, 2014 inNews

Nokia goes Rube Goldberg for new Lumia ad

The Rube Goldberg machine is a tried and true invention that captures the  imagination. After all, who can look away when dominos are tumbling and balls are rolling, all designed to make a certain task happen. The process is the subject of countless videos on YouTube, but now Nokia has created its own version using its phones. 

While phones replace dominos in the process, it’s not all that’s used. Dumbells roll and many other objects are incorporated into the elaborate scheme. I won’t give away all of the fun here, because you can enjoy it yourself in the below video. 

We’re not sure how far this will go towards selling a phone, but it is certainly entertaining to watch, and likely something you’ll need to view more than once to figure out the rather convuluted process in which it all happens. 

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