Nokia continues to give hints of Nokia X, image taken from Nokia A110X leaks

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Nokia continues to give more hints of Nokia X, an image taken from Nokia A110X leaks

Like it or hate it but Nokia X might be the only handset the Finnish giant will announce at the Mobile World Congress scheduled for next week. And as we get closure to the event, more information and leaks about the Android-powered phone have come into existence.

Wondering how well the device’s camera will be? Apparently, a photo taken from Nokia X A110, aka Normandy, surfaced on to the web. Although the image isn’t very pleasing, since the rumored phone only rocks a 5MP camera, the information beckoned from its Exchangeable Image File (EXIF) data is more interesting. The data received from EXIF confirms the model number and manufacturer, giving us yet another proof that the device is indeed real.

Nokia Treasure

Interestingly, Nokia hinted at some more details on its Weibo, a Chinese micro-blogging website account. There are a couple of images, one of which seems like a treasure map with an X spot, that is the only image that made some sense. GSMArena has a cool theory about the other two images, in which we see two monkeys, two trees (which could be the same one) and two people riding a bicycle. I couldn’t decipher it since my Mandarin isn’t good.

Nokia Normandy is rumored to be the first Android smartphone from the Finnish giant. The device, which has low-end specifications - a GHz processor, 512 MB RAM and 4 GB internal storage is expected to be announced at Mobile World Congress next week. Yesterday we also learned that this handset, which doesn't sport any Google services, has its own app store, called “Asha on Linux”, and successfully ported most of the Top 100 apps of Google PlayStore. The device has been reportedly seeded out to Indian developers. Also, an image of it which appeared like its brochure leaked on to the internet yesterday.

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