Nokia clears up rumors about Lumia and Windows 8 devices

Nokia has been commenting on some rumours surrounding plans to launch a Windows 8 tablet in 2012, the company has responded with “We haven’t announced any plans anywhere in the world at this point regarding a potential tablet strategy,” said a Nokia spokesperson.

The rumours began on Tuesday when Paul Amsellem, who is Nokia’s French general manager, briefly discussed plans for a Windows 8 tablet. Paul Amsellem said “In June 2012, we will have a tablet that runs on Windows 8.”

The company also talked about it’s Lumia device, and whether they were going to release a high-end version for the hardcore developers and gamers. “There is no doubt that in the long term we view our Windows Phone ‘Lumia’ devices as a portfolio play, today we have announced 2 devices in the portfolio, the Nokia Lumia 710 and the Nokia Lumia 800. However, the Nokia Lumia 800 represents the ‘flagship’ of our current portfolio, and we haven’t revealed what else may be in store in the future for the Lumia portfolio,” said a Nokia spokesperson.

Nokia just recently announced and released two Windows Phone 7 devices, and are advertising hard to get it sold. Nokia wants the Lumia to become the number 1 Windows Phone to ever be released by Nokia.

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