Nokia CEO: Cheap Windows Phones Coming Soon

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Looking for a fancy new cheap-priced Nokia phone powered by Windows Phone OS? You may not be waiting long after all. Nokia’s Chief Executive Stephen Elop claims that prices will fall fast very soon.

As you may recall, Nokia and Microsoft formed a “strategic partnership” that will allow Nokia to use Windows Phone OS on its smartphones.

Microsoft has been notorious for high priced phones, mainly because it has high hardware requirements for phones to use its Windows Phone OS software. Microsoft has been trying to compete with the Apple iPhone, but so far, have not come close in sales.

Reuters is reporting that Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop plans on marketing its phones in a “very low price point” and expect this to happen “very quickly.” This pretty much means that the new Nokia phones will now be pushed to a wider market base due to the lower prices. This will, hopefully, improve sales for both companies.

The final agreement between Nokia and Microsoft will be signed in the next few weeks.

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