Nokia releases Beamer app, Guru bluetooth headset coming soon

Nokia Beamer presentation during Nokia World

Those who attended Nokia’s event in Dubai were able to get a hands-on on Nokia’s new apps and products. One of the new apps featured with Lumia Black, Nokia’s next firmware, which comes alongside Microsoft’s GDR3 update, is the Nokia Beamer app.

Nokia and Windows Phone fans have picked up morale after seeing all those new products and apps appear, and specifically with the Nokia Beamer app, which a countless number of users are very excited for.

Nokia Beamer is like Nokia PhotoBeamer, but ever so game-changing. With PhotoBeamer, you could only share images with your phones to larger displays, but with Nokia Beamer, you can output your screen to any device, be it another cellphone, a desktop, a tablet, or even a TV.

It’s a very easy process to do, simply scan a QR code on the target display and you’ll have your phone’s screen up on that display. If QR codes are too much of a hassle, or you’re looking for alternative ways, users can share remotely, by sending a link via email, or SMS or even social media.

With having an unlimited amount of users sharing your screen, this can be the new technology that many people worldwide have been waiting for. Keep in mind, this app relies heavily on a good internet connection for seamless beaming, so make sure you aren’t downloading anything during its use.

But wait, Lumia Black isn’t even out yet, how do you expect to use this? We got you here, but unfortunately, no one can use this app at the moment. Users can only download this app at this time, but will have to wait until Lumia Black appears in our updates.

It’s strange how Nokia released this app before Lumia Black, but what if Nokia is teasing us. According to a source, Nokia has done this before with a different app before a previous firmware update, and two days later, the firmware update was ready for consumers to download. It’s only a matter of weeks until we see Nokia’s Lumia Black update appear on our phones., I guess we’ll just have to wait.

On the other hand, several products weren’t announced during Nokia World, one of them being the Nokia ‘Guru’ Bluetooth headphones.

Nokia Beamer presentation during Nokia World

Leaks have emerged from @evleaks, stating that these headphones will be called BH-121 officially. The rough FCC leaked rendering show how these pair of headphones will look like. One retailer in Czech Republic already have these pair of headphones for sale for only 1050 CZK ($54.00) with it being available on December 16.

These pair of headphones are NFC-enabled. Users can simply tap the headphones with their phones and simply play their music. Cyan will not be the only color, but leaks have showed us that Nokia will make these headphones match with their specific phone colors.

Rumors have been reaching the surface stating that another big Nokia event might happen sometime this month or early December, which we can expect the Nokia Lumia 525, the Nokia Lumia 929, the Nokia Guru, and other new products and apps being announced.

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