Nokia announces Imaging SDK 1.0 for Windows Phone 8

Nokia announces Image SDK 1.0 for Windows Phone 8

Today Nokia launched the final version of the Imaging SDK, a collection of tool that can be used by developers to access new filters, effects and on-screen rendering options. A beta version of the SDK has been available since summer, but version 1.0 includes a range of improvements and additions.

As standard, the SDK includes over 50 filters including Mirror, Chromakey and Sepia, but developers also have the option of extending this range further by creating their own.

Samuli Hänninen, vice president of software program management for Nokia’s Smart Devices business, said: “After a successful beta, we’re confident that this release will be well received. We’ve taken into account a lot of the feedback and have made the SDK even better for developers.”

The SDK also includes dynamic filter properties, which can be used to change filter parameters on the fly, as well as a Reframing API which can allows for cropping and rotating in a single operation. Anyone looking to get started can grab a copy of SDK from Nokia Developer.

It’s worth pointing out a competition that Nokia is running to celebrate the release of the SDK. Contribute to the SKD wiki with a guide or article and you could be in line to win a Nokia Lumia 1520.

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