Nokia aims to siphon Android’s apps to Nokia’s own store via developer contest

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Nokia aims to siphon Android's apps to Nokia store via developer contest

On Monday, Stephen Elop unveiled Nokia’s X line of smartphones that run on a variation of the Android operating system. The phones – Nokia X, X+, and XL turn to the Finnish giant’s homegrown Nokia Store, instead of banking on Google’s juggernaut PlayStore. In order to increase the app count (read: siphoning them from Android), Nokia has started a contest where it wants Android developers to publish their apps onto the Nokia Store.

The challenge for developers is that they need to port their Android apps without changing the name of the application or altering any of its functionality. A developer can submit as many as 10 apps and will be evaluated based on that.

In addition, the submitted app shouldn’t be static and must not try to promote its own business through it. Also keep in mind that you can’t submit both paid and free versions of the same app. To submit your apps, you’ll first need to sign-up for an account on the DVLUP website and then link it up with your Nokia account.  The contest ends on March 24th.

The long rumored Nokia X is Finnish giant’s first ever Android smartphone. While all the three phones come with rather unimpressive specifications – running Android 4.1.2, with 768MB of RAM (512 in Nokia X), 5MP of camera (3MP in Nokia X) – it is believed that the point of X’s existence has more to do with changing the dynamics than just venturing into Android space. Even with the Android-powered smartphones, Nokia is trying to allure more users into using Microsoft services. 

Hit the VIA link below to check out the challenge.

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