Nokia acquires Australian firm Mesaplexx, aims to improve radio performance

Nokia acquires Australian firm Mesaplexx, aims to improve radio performance

The Finnish technology company, Nokia, announced that it has completed the acquisition of Australian company, Mesaplexx. Nokia believes that this buyout will strengthen its Network business by boosting its radio capabilities. The financial terms of the deal weren’t made public.

Microsoft bought Nokia’s phone division and services, but Nokia still owns its Network and Map division. The company has been working seamlessly to grow those divisions. Notably, it recently opened a mobile security unit in order to boost mobile revenue, and the company has been working with NTT Docomo to work on 5G technologies.

The Australian firm Mesaplexx is known for developing compact, high performance filter technology for the mobile industry. These filters improve the mobile network by enabling better base station radios and active antenna systems. It will help improve the radio performance thus improving the capacity and efficiency of networks.

In order to ensure the spectrum can be shared within the same geographical area and that the same antenna is able to both transmit and receive signals, RF filters are required at every base station. The firm could also help to cut down power consumption and overall cost, and minimize the signal loss.

Nokia believes that using Mesaplexx technology it will be able to reduce small cell form factor by at least 30%.”Those familiar with radio technologies know that while there has been a lot of progress in recent years, filters are one area where new innovations can still yield significant improvements in performance,” said Marc Rouanne, Executive Vice President, Mobile Broadband at Nokia. “This company’s stand-out expertise has the potential to achieve that.”

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