Nokia 8.3-inch tablet shows up in shipping records

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Nokia 8.3-inch tablet shows up in shipping records

Just the other day we learned that Nokia had quietly shipped a small quantity of a new 4.5-inch phone to India for "testing and evaluation". While it can only be speculated about, the device is likely to be a new Lumia, but it may or may not ever see the retail market. Now yet another gadget has been spotted in those same reports, though this one is clearly not a smartphone.

There have been rumors of a smaller tablet, labeled the Lumia 2020, since before the larger Lumia 2520 was even released. The information which has come to light seems to support this. The tablet in question sports an 8.3-inch HD screen and goes under the code name RX-115. That moniker was first spotted by AdDuplex back in August, along with several others. "We have seen a bunch of Nokia devices in our logs in the past year. The earliest sighting was back in early October, 2012. The device was named RX-107. Then we’ve seen RX-108. And then RX-113, 114, 115, 116".

There is little additional information included in the records, but rumors will likely begin running out of control with this news. For instance, the papers list the RX-115 as a "cellphone", though the screen size would seem to preclude that as an accurate description. Like the previously mentioned RM-977, there's a chance that this will never see release, or that it could be far away -- though the 2020 is said to be coming in early 2014.

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