Nobel Peace Center and Games for Change partner to bring new “Peace Builders” experience to Minecraft Education Edition

Robert Collins

The Nobel Peace Center and Games for Change have partnered to bring a new map to Minecraft Education Edition. Named “Peace Builders,” the map introduces four Nobel Peace laureates into the Minecraft world to share their insights into mitigating conflict. The map is available free in the Minecraft Education Edition lesson library, as well as in the Minecraft Marketplace for those with the Bedrock Edition.

The four Nobel laureates in Peace Builders are:

  • Jody Williams—an American political activist who lead the International Campaign Against Landmines. In Williams world students will visit a minefield in Cambodia, where they will help clear a path to a farm for the villagers.
  • Archbishop Desmond Tutu—activist who used non-violent methods to end racial segregation in South Africa. In Tutu’s world students experience a peaceful protest.
  • Carl von Ossietzky—German journalist who reported on the Nazi’s breach of international agreements and war preparations. Students will use the in-game camera in Ossietzky’s world to gather evidence that Germany is re-arming, demonstrating how they can use free speech to fight against war.
  • The UN Refugee Agency—this agency has been helping refugees around the world for over 70 years. In this world students help rescue refugees trapped in wreckage following an earthquake.

Peace Builders is a follow-up to Active Citizen, which also explores the stories of Nobel Peace Laureates and how they achieved amazing things. Teachers can find everything they need to teach Peace Builders here.

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