No Windows 10 Mobile build for "a few more days"

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Microsoft just released the November update to Windows 10 (or, if you prefer, version 1511, or build 10586), but if you're waiting for the latest Windows 10 Mobile build, you're going to have to sit tight. Just a few minutes ago, Gabe Aul tweeted out the not so good news for mobile testers:

Understandable that it's "all hands on deck" time for Windows 10:

...but still a little disappointing as we were expecting the 10586 build of Windows 10 Mobile as early as late last week.
Still, while you're waiting you can take our poll: With Windows 10 Mobile nearly ready, are you impressed? - with almost 6,000 votes in the last 24 hours, "Yes, It's awesome" has taken a commanding lead with 70% of the votes cast, although without a way to limit votes per user, there may be some ballot box stuffing going on.
Are you ready for a new mobile build?  Will Microsoft have Windows 10 Mobile ready in time for the launch of new phones?  What does Terry Myerson's cryptic "Windows 10 is coming to select mobile phones soon" reference mean? What else can we talk about while we wait for a new build?

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