No webcast for Windows 8 Consumer Preview launch, download only hours away

Everyone is excited over the upcoming Windows 8 Consumer Preview, which is also known as the Beta. Microsoft has revealed that there will be no webcast for the launch event, unlike the Developer Preview which actually had a webcast.

As ComputerWorld reports, Microsoft will not be offering a webcast for Wednesday’s launch event for the highly anticipated Windows 8 Consumer Preview, unlike the Developer Preview which had a webcast. The event which takes places at the Mobile World Congress is expected to begin at 6AM Pacific and 9AM Eastern on the 29th of this month. Microsoft is expected to offer a download during or perhaps after the launch event.

“The Windows Consumer Preview, the beta of Windows 8 on x86/64, will be available for download by the end of February. This next milestone of Windows 8 will be available in several languages and is open for anyone to download,” Microsoft had originally stated a few weeks ago.

Of course, we will provide you with the download link as soon as it becomes available.

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