'No Time to Explain' game ready for pre-order with free trial on Xbox One

No time to explain

The platform game "No Time to Explain" is about to launch on the Xbox One. Developed by tinyBuildGames, in this quirky game, you must travel through time to save your future self.

When the main character tries to explain what's going on, he invariably gets killed by some ludicrous and hilarious method. The game has you pitting your wits against time travel, time paradoxes and alternate time lines. The player must also use a gun to propel the character through the levels.

If you head over to the link below, It can be pre-ordered for $14.99 from the Xbox Store. Also, you can download a free trial right now.

This game which was originally funded over on Kickstarter and has already been released on Windows, Mac and Linux in 2011. The developers met their goal of $7000 in less than 24 hours. This fun little game has a story concluding "second season".

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