No new Windows 10 Mobile Insider build today, and Gabe explains why

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Last week Gabe Aul, who runs the Windows Insider program, hinted that there may be new builds of Windows after the Windows 10 devices event on Tuesday. However, today on Twitter, Aul has said that the latest Windows 10 Mobile build being tested inside Microsoft is crashing too often to be released to the public rings.

This may be disappointing to Windows Insiders because it has been a few weeks since the last Mobile build dropped. For the moment, Insiders will have to be content with screenshots of builds that haven’t become public yet. It’s a similar case on the Windows desktop side with Aul saying recently that the current PC build being tested has hit a ‘challenging bug‘.
The Windows Insider program had its first-anniversary last week and, in general, it has been a success. Hopefully, the Windows team can push the builds out at a faster pace in the future.