No new Windows 10 Insider release this week as builds fail to pass internal criteria

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Earlier today, I tweeted that Microsoft was looking to drop build 14337 for Insiders at some point this week, but only if it successfully passed internal criteria first. For those who don’t know, Microsoft has builds go through “tests” before being delivered to Insiders, and if a build fails one of these tests, said build does not get delivered. It’s why we don’t get daily builds, as not all builds pass criteria.

The reason I included that point in my original tweet about 14337 is because numerous sources had told me that the recently compiled internal builds were super bug ridden, with problems surrounding universal apps constantly crashing and overall general unreliability of the operating system at frequent times. It is said that build 14339 includes a fix for these issues, but as criteria takes a few days to complete, we won’t have a new build until next week.

Now as an Insider, we should be okay with this, but Microsoft knows that a lot of Insiders are running Insider Preview builds on their main machines, and would much rather not have them put up with bugs that engineers already know need to be fixed. So this week, Gabe Aul on Twitter has announced that there will be no new PC or Mobile build, allowing the company plenty of time to begin testing their newly compiled builds in hopes that no more showstopper bugs arise.

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update is scheduled to launch this July officially, with sign off expected to happen around the beginning or middle of July. That gives Microsoft only a couple months of development time left, so Insiders should expect to see more bug fix builds and less feature-filled builds from here on out. Sources say build 14337 includes more improvements made to Microsoft Edge, such as swipe navigation between webpages that I revealed earlier today.

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