No new Windows 10 Insider builds last week (or today!): here's why

There are times when the Windows Insider program goes weeks without a new build to preview and often users chalk it up to the broad definition of the Windows team "working" on things in the release.

Fortunately, Insiders no longer need to guess, assume or prognosticate on the 'delay' in build releases, instead, head of the Windows Insider program Dona Sarkar tweeted a list of reasons on why builds break the once-a-week cadence some have become familiar with.

Now that Dona has shared this, perhaps the cries of "where's the build?" will simmer down a bit and allow the Windows team a bit of breathing room to do what they do best. For what it's worth, Sarkar has already tweeted that there will be no new builds for today, Monday July 24th, either.


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