No new Surface Pro 3 firmware update for the second month in a row

No new Surface Pro 3 firmware update for the second month in a row

Update: Microsoft has released a firmware update a little later than usual. You can read the original story below.

If you are hoping to see a firmware update for your Surface Pro 3 (or older), you can stop refreshing Windows Update. For the second consecutive month in a row, Microsoft has not rolled out a firmware update for the Surface family of devices. No word on when Microsoft will roll out a new firmware update, addressing issues that continue to pile up on Microsoft’s official Surface support forum. It is likely that these reported issues are isolated and do not require Microsoft to release firmware updates every month, like they did when the product was first released.

Not including the Windows 8.1 Update, the last time the Surface Pro 2 received a firmware update was back in July of 2014. The Surface 2, which runs Windows RT, hasn’t received a firmware update since October of 2014. Does this mean these devices are now free of bugs and issues? Not necessarily. Microsoft has either shifted priority elsewhere or the company is slowing down the release of firmware updates for these older devices, considering the Surface Pro 3 is out in the market.

Are you experiencing any issues or bugs with your Surface Pro 3 (or older)? Should Microsoft release a firmware update every month? Sound off in the comments below.

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