No new PC or Mobile builds this week due to need to test fix for blocking issue, says Dona Sarkar

Arif Bacchus

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Fast Ring Windows Insiders were last treated to build 16281, and Skip Ahead Insiders build 16353 last week, but all hope for a new build this week has just run out. Indeed, Dona Sarkar has revealed that there will be no new builds today, Friday, or Monday due to the need to test a fix for a blocking issue.

As has been the case before, the Windows Insider team needs to test the fix for the blocking bug on the internal Canary and Selfhost rings first before deploying any new builds to Windows Insiders. Judging from a subsequent tweet from Microsoft, the specific situation here appears to be linked to an issue where apps like Feedback Hub would not open. As a result, the Windows Insider team has logged this as a flight blocking issue since it would otherwise have impacted the ability of Windows Insiders to submit feedback on the build.

We can expect the Windows Insider team to work hard in the next few days to find a fix, so in the meantime, there won’t be any new mobile or PC builds. Keep it tuned in to OnMSFT, as new builds will no doubt be released again sometime next week.