No new features for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Insider builds, say reports

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As we wind down our coverage of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and get closer to release, we’ve about hit the point where Microsoft considers the update feature-complete. According to a piece ran by our friends at Windows Central, that development pipeline is moving along right on time. We should be seeing nearly completed builds in these next few weeks, as we approach the final product.

This comes right after we receive a full, 51 page list of the features coming in the new update, which makes it no surprise to find out that the development cycle is winding down. If previous redstone releases are anything to go by, this update should be accompanied by a sudden influx of small, tweak-heavy builds coming out multiple times a week up until release. If you aren’t interested in the little things, however, you can probably pass on them.

It’s definitely possible that we see one or two more significant features piggybacking on the last few major builds, but as it stands, we’ve got a fairly comprehensive look at the Fall Creators Update as it stands now.

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