No Man’s Sky set to release second major update, due this week

Kit McDonald

It’s been a rough few months for Hello Games after the release of No Man’s Sky last year. The highly anticipated game for PlayStation 4 and PC caused a lot of controversies in the gaming world. As a response, the developers released a major content update in November called the Foundation Update packed with ownable space stations, base building, and various other gameplay improvements to spice up what some called an “empty” purchase.

Since then, Hello Games has been relatively silent on the No Man’s Sky development. Even so, the studio has begun to pursue building the Hello Labs initiative to support other small developers that want to use procedural generated experimental games. Furthermore, the team received the GDC Innovation Award for the mathematical equations that build No Man’s Sky, even if the team was too busy eating at a restaurant to receive it.

But today, the silence has officially been broken. Hello Games announced the next large patch to launch titled the Path Finder Update, and it’s coming later this week.

The announcement seems to suggest that No Man’s Sky will likely add ATV land rovers as “a new vehicle that will aid home planet exploration”. Originally, these were leaked through data mining by community members, culminating in a long list of dialogue entries compiled by PowerUp Gaming. Textures for the ATV tracks were discovered as early as November by Reddit user eggandj right after the Foundation Update.

As Hello Games delivers more content for No Mans Sky, it’s still a question whether the game is still worth its retail price or not even as reviews slowly recover from the initial launch. Let us know what you think in the comments below or tweet us @OnMSFT.