No Man’s Sky leaks Permadeath, space races, and online base sharing in Path Finder Update

Kit McDonald

Yesterday, Hello Games teased their upcoming Path Finder Update for No Man’s Sky coming ‘soon’ or at least within the week. Today, more news has been leaked about the inevitable patch which some fans are estimating could be coming later today.

It all started with the official website going down for maintenance. Briefly, a page concerning the Path Finder Update was revealed, giving players a glimpse into the upcoming content. But what really put the fuel under the fire was when Hello Games redirected users visiting their site to a maintenance page, sending everyone into a frenzy.

One No Man’s Sky fan even captured a screenshot of the launch page:

No Man's Sky Path Finder Update launch page

Even though the official changelog hasn’t gone public yet on the No Man’s Sky website, Reddit user 8bitreboot linked a web cache of the PlayStation blog where it looks like the site has jumped the gun on announcing the Path Finder release. Here is the changelog according to the page:

  • Compatibility with PlayStation 4 Pro
  • Improved graphics
  • Possibility of owning multiple ships
  • Share online bases
  • New vehicles – Exocraft
  • Permadeath mode
  • Build racing circuits for vehicles
  • Ship Specializations and Classes
  • Shop / merchants
  • Duplication of the variety in the construction of the base
  • Multi-tool specialization and classes
  • New weapon modes
  • Photo Mode
  • Discovery Menu
  • Improvements in the quality of life
  • 50% more original music than 65daysofstatic

Of course, much of this list seems to coincide with the public release of Hello Game’s new video.

The patch isn’t even live yet and the community has gone wild for the new content. The video confirms the suspicions of land rovers coming to the game and so much more. These planetary vehicles called Exocrafts come in three different varieties and can be fitted with modifications such as mining lasers at the top. There’s even a hover Exocraft.

Another cry from the community was to establish more multiplayer experience, a request that Hello Games is answering with base sharing. Players will be able to leave messages behind for others to discover, let them trade with NPCs, and virtually set up a home away from home for explorers like themselves.

The Path Finder Update for No Man’s Sky follows suit with its predecessor Foundation Update by adding content that many fans have been asking for since pre-launch. And still they tease that there will be “more to come”. Is this the update that you’ve been waiting for? Let us know what you think in the comments below.