No Man’s Sky gets a big patch update, still getting negative reviews

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If you’ve been keeping up with the PS4 and Windows PC game No Man’s Sky, then you might be aware of some issues that been plaguing users. PC users in particular have seen their enjoyment of the game severely hampered with bugs, and so it’s good to see that developer Hello Games released a patch today focusing on fixing up some issues.

As Polygon reports, the latest patch brings the game to version 1.09, and mixes in some minor and major bug fixes. The full patch notes for PCs are quite extensive; here are some highlights:

  • The game is now much more robust at recovering corrupted save files.
  • Improved framerate when scanning colossal structures such as Space Stations or Outposts.
  • Fixed an occasional bug within the Exosuit system that caused controller prompts to display the wrong button.
  • Discovery menu now supports planets with an abundance of life. Specifically, planets featuring 15 creature types can now reach 100% completion.
  • Minor fix for saves of a duration less than 2 minutes displaying as “1 minutes”.
  • Improvements to various settings within the options menu, including advancements in mouse smoothing and refined gamma settings allowing for increased tenebrosity.
  • Fix for creature generation crash.
  • Fixes to prevent FPS spikes when encountering momentary performance bumps on PS4.
  • Fixed a rare issue where pressing and holding a button would cause the game to crash under specific circumstances.

Check out the entire list of fixes to see if your worst issues have been resolved. Generally speaking, today’s patch should both make the game more stable, and fix a number of issues with gameplay. As Polygon points out, this patch is time spent fixing bugs rather than adding content, and hopefully, Hello Games will now be able to focus on extending the game’s value.

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