No, beer is not coming in the Minecraft Aquatic Update

Arif Bacchus

During MineCon Earth Mojang detailed the upcoming Aquatic update for Minecraft. This update is set to overhaul everything water, and also introduce a number of new features to the hit game, but just not beer.

Noted by LuizF on Twitter, a Google Translate of one Minecraft’s community member’s tweet of a big update “brewing.” caused quite a stir. The translator apparently changed “brewing” to “Cerveja,” otherwise known as beer in the Brazilian language. This, in turn, resulted in the community assuming that Mojang might be adding alcoholic beverages to Minecraft with the Aquatic Update.

Rest assured, Minecraft community manager Helen Zbihlyj assures everyone there are no plans to add alcoholic beverages to the game. The community is also having fun with her via replies to her tweet, so be sure to check the tweet above for some humorous responses.

At the end of the day, things just got lost in translation here, and this is perhaps a situation where Microsoft Translator or freshly updated Bing Speech would have come in handy instead. Let us know if you’ve found this funny by dropping us a comment below.