Nissan selects Microsoft Azure to provide in-vehicle solutions for the Nissan LEAF

Electricity-powered cars has been a trend for some time for the environmental conscious customers worldwide. Veteran carmaker Nissan has had quite some success in this product category, with 200,000 of its Nissan LEAF grean car sold worldwide, making it a best-seller. Nissan has now chosen Microsoft Azure as the definitive platform to power its highly-popular product.

Specifically, Microsoft Azure will power the Connect Telematics Systems (CTS) in all Nissan LEAF models and Infiniti models in Europe. CTS is used for remote controlling a number of functions in the car, including climate control, timed charging, and more. Azure's powerful cloud capabilities will surely be a boon to the connectivity between the car and the owner. Not only that, Azure will also powers interaction between owners with Nissan LEAF-exclusive Hands-Free Text Messaging Assistant.

Microsoft Azure will help us deliver a more innovative and intelligent future for our connected technologies,” “This is also a bold first step toward innovations that will realize future new mobility,” - Celso Guiotoko, chief information officer and corporate vice president in charge of global corporate IS/IT, Nissan

Additionally, Azure also provides enterprise-grade security and compliance needed for international regulations approval for Nissan's high-tech vehicles, specifically the ISO 27018 cloud privacy standard, which Microsoft was the first to adopt. Azure brings additional value by plugging into Microsoft's other capabilities in data analytics and management, and its flexibility with development tools and supported platforms ensure that updates are easy and swift.

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