Nintendo Switch Concierge…brought to you by Microsoft Teams

Robert Collins

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Nintendo Switch Concierge is a brand new support feature being rolled out by Nintendo for its wildly popular ninth generation console. What exactly is Nintendo Switch Concierge, you may ask? It will allow Switch owners to schedule appointments with Nintendo-appointed representatives who can answer a range of Switch-related topics pertaining to all things Switch: games (most obviously), privacy and security settings and info, console customization, and a host of other areas of discussion. What is perhaps most interesting about the new service is that it will all be conducted via Microsoft Teams.

Nintendo’s new Concierge service for Switch will utilize Microsoft Teams

This is not the first instance of the two gaming industry titans working together, though. Microsoft-owned intellectual properties have made multiple appearances on Nintendo’s consoles, most notably the Switch Edition of Minecraft as well as Ori and the Blind Forest on the Switch, and it was widely rumored for a time that Master Chief (of the Halo franchise if anyone out there doesn’t know) would make an appearance in Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, though this ultimately did not come to fruition.

There will be a few caveats that come with the new Concierge service however, and they will be big ones for some users. For one, it will only be available for newer Switch owners, though exactly how “new” hasn’t been revealed as of yet. Users must be 18 or over to access the service, and there is also a limit to one session per person.

Also, and this just might be a dealbreaker for some, Nintendo will hold the right to record you during these Microsoft Teams sessions, and collect video “of you, your voice and your surroundings.” It sounds similar to how some customer service phone calls “may be monitored to provide the best possible service,” only in video form.

The upside to all this is that the service will be entirely free of charge. Whether this sort of feature will catch on for the other major console platforms, only time will tell, though it is fascinating to see Nintendo and Microsoft partnering together like this.