Ninja hosts major weekly Fortnite competition series on Microsoft’s Mixer streaming service

Brad Stephenson

Ninja Fortnite skin on Xbox One

Popular video game streamer, Ninja, announced this week that he would be running and hosting a new weekly Fortnite esports competition called Ninja Battles on his Mixer channel.

Each event is set to go live on Mixer every Thursday at 12PM PT (3PM ET) until July 2nd and $80,000 will be given to the best players every episode. The first Ninja Battles event streamed last night and can be watched on demand here.

Ninja has hosted competitions in the past so this sort of thing isn’t exactly new for him. This is, however, the first time such an event has been hosted on his channel since making the move to Mixer from Twitch and it could be a rather good strategy to encourage the rest of his Twitch loyalists to come join him on Mixer’s streaming service.

Fortnite and Ninja have has a connection for several years now. Ninja rose to fame by playing Fortnite and the streamer was recently rewarded for how many players he’s brought to the game by being given his own Fortnite skin based on his appearance.

Fortnite is set to begin its Chapter 2 Season 3 event on June 11th, the same date an episode of Ninja Battles is set to broadcast, though it’s unclear if this is a coincidence or part of some collaborative marketing strategy.

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