Nike+ Kinect Training online features to cease in July

Microsoft has announced that they will be closing online functionality for Nike+ Kinect Training on the Xbox 360 from July 21st 2017.

"We regret to announce that Microsoft and Nike will close the online service for Nike+ Kinect Training on Xbox 360 on July 21, 2017. After this date, you will still be able to enjoy the Nike+ Kinect Training game locally on your Xbox 360 console but certain online features will no longer work," the announcement reads. "Previously uploaded workout data will be available locally on your console but will no longer be accessible through the online service after July 21, 2017. We thank you for supporting Nike+ Kinect Training over the years and hope you continue playing locally."

A look at the faqs supplied to users reveals that the reason for the removal of online features is a result of a decision made by Nike not Microsoft. Nike+ Kinect Training allows for players to connect the game to their online Nike account and earn Nike Fuel. Nike has simply chosen not to continue supporting this connectivity, likely due to the game's age, the fact that it can only be played on the Xbox 360 (which is now considered to be a last gen console), and the number of active users would be significantly less now than when the game was first released.

It's unusual for an Xbox game to lose online support but it has been known to happen when third-parties are involved with the data storage or extra services provided. One recent example of this happening would be Disney Infinity 3.0 which lost all online functionality soon after the game was cancelled. All of its offline gameplay and Xbox Live features are fully functional however.

Are you disappointed by the removal of Nike+ Kinect Training's Nike connectivity? Let us know in the comments below.

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