The NFL kicks off on Xbox One and Windows 8.1, just in time for the 2014 football season

The NFL kicks off on Xbox One and Windows 8, just in time

This Thursday the NFL season kicks off, with the traditional game involving the defending Super Bowl champions -- in this case the Seattle Seahawks. It's an exciting time for football fans, though the action does also mean the end of summer here in the northern hemisphere. 

The NFL app for both Windows 8 and Xbox One brings all of the action to both TV and computer. We've already seen the arrival of both NFL Now and Sunday Ticket from DirecTV, this really completes things, though honestly in varies little from Now. However there are some things viewers may like. 

This brings even more options to fans, with the app touting "Microsoft’s trademark Snap feature to give you in-game video highlights, fantasy scoring and stats as you watch your favorite games live". In addition, the aforementioned DirecTV app is integrated into this, allowing subscribers to watch live games. That's a key feature because nobody really wants to be clicking around. 

Also, with HDMI pass-thru, viewers can watch games through their local provider, but still keep the NFL "snapped" to the side of the screen. For those who play fantasy football, the app is connected to both the NFL and CBS sites, bringing info about all your games. 

Microsoft also boasts that "this season NFL fans will receive notifications for in-game video highlights for their favorite team and touchdowns from around the league. Furthermore, fantasy players will receive video notifications alerting them to scoring plays related to their fantasy teams". 

So, get ready for some football! Microsoft has your season covered.

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