NFL fans: get your team customized Xbox controller from the Design Lab

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As football season ramps up, Microsoft is on the scene to cash in on the fanaticism. Through the Xbox Design Lab, fans can now put the logo of their favorite team onto an Xbox One controller, as well as get a free engraving up to 16 characters, as well as free shipping. These fancy football controllers are going to cost you $95, but they’re going to be a pretty solid collector’s item if you have the money to throw at them. All 32 team logos are available, so fans of every team pick one of these up.

While all of the example controllers are white, you can customize them a little bit more than that. On top of the normal customization options offered by the Xbox Design Lab, you can also add in a special grip in the back of the controller that can make it feel that much better. Everything you throw onto the controller beyond the logo will add onto that $95 price point, but you’ll maintain the free shipping and free engraving.

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