The NFL draft comes to Xbox One with live streaming

The NFL draft comes to Xbox One with live streaming

We are only days away from one of the biggest annual events in football. Starting this Thursday college players will collectively wait by telephones with breath held and fingers crossed, hoping one of 32 teams will decide their future, complete with a good paying job.

You can watch the event, in all of its glory on the NFL Network and ESPN, keep up via the web, or, thanks to a close partnership between the league and Microsoft, you can watch it via your Xbox One.

You likely recall the many Bing and Surface ads playing during games last season, and the Microsoft banners hanging in stadiums. This furthers the agreement between the two entities. You’ll need an Xbox Live Gold membership to take advantage, but if that’s out of the way, then you are all set to grab the app.

“Starting May 5, there will be an all-new draft channel and all-new draft-related content. The Draft Tracker will keep you updated on each team's pick. Teams are listed in their draft order, with details on what kinds of players they still need. When they make a pick, the app updates instantly, showing who got drafted and allowing you to access highlights from that player and what team is on the clock”, the company announces.

So grab your jersey and team pennant, a seat on the sofa, and get ready. Round one begins Thursday evening and subsequent rounds follow over the coming days. What player are you hoping your team will land?

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