Nextgen Reader for Windows Phone updated with Facebook authentication and more

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Nextgen Reader

Feedly is an excellent web service when it comes to RSS reading, especially after the demise of Google Reader. Unfortunately, there’s no official application for the service, but if you’re a Windows Phone user looking to make the most out of Feedly, Nextgen Reader is one of the best third-party options available. 

Recently, the application received an update that comes with a handful of new features and improvements. The latest update lets users use their Facebook account to authenticate, as well as an increase in the limit of articles to 2000. Additionally, it introduces several other handy features, including feed previews, ability to customize the background and accent colors, several improvements, bug fixes and more. In case you’re wondering, here’s what you get with the latest update to Nextgen Reader for Windows Phone:

  • New: Preview feeds before subscribing.
  • New: Set line-height in article view.
  • New: Set background and accent color independently.
  • New: Set default email address for sharing.
  • New: Load full article (via readability) without going to mobilizer website i.e. use app theme.
  • New: Use facebook app to authenticate your account for sharing.
  • Improved: Increased limit to 2000 articles.
  • Several performance improvements and bug fixes.

If you’re a Feedly addict, Nextgen Reader is one of the best applications to feed your RSS hunger. Head over to the Windows Phone Store and grab the application. The application usually runs for $1.99, and is worth every penny if you’re a Feedly user. For those of you who’re still a little confused about the app’s functionality, you can check out a free trial.

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