Nextgen Reader for Windows 8.1 updated with Buffer support, keyboard shortcuts and more

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Nextgen Reader

Nextgen Reader for Windows 8.1 is one of the best RSS clients available for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8. The application connects with your Feedly account and lets you follow your favorite websites. Recently, the application was bumped to version 2.1, and brings several new features and bug fixes on board.

The latest update of Nextgen Reader give users the ability to override the date and time format of the article to your region. The app also adds Buffer support and allows users to share complete articles to online note-taking services such as OneNote, Evernote, etc. For those of you who makes use of the keyboard shortcuts, you be glad to know that the app now features useful shortcuts as well. Additionally, it also lets users disable the shortcuts permanently.

For those of you interested in knowing what the latest Nextgen Reader 2.1 brings to the table, here’s the complete changelog:

  1. New: Share full article to OneNote, Evernote, Mail app, etc.
  2. New: Option to override dates and times format according to your region.
  3. New: Buffer support (see for more details).
  4. New: Keyboard shortcuts – F: full article, W: webpage, U: copy url.
  5. New: Option to disable keyboard shortcuts permanently.
  6. Improved: Show large images on secondary feed live tiles.
  7. Fixed: Large tile notifications.
  8. Fixed: Load summary when unable to download full article.
  9. Fixed: Syncing errors and performance improvements.

Head over to the Windows Store to grab the updated Nextgen Reader for Windows 8.1.

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