NextGen Reader is preparing for one of their biggest updates ever and they want your help

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NextGen Reader

NextGen Reader is prepping for one of its biggest updates ever. They’re looking for feedback to know what their users want the most.

Most followers of the news have more than one source for their latest information. Apps that collect all the news and place it in an easy layout make it easy to read all the news you’d like without jumping from app to app or page to page. NextGen Reader is one of the best and most popular app in that category.

NextGen Reader supports Windows as a platform and regularly updates and they’re looking for your help and feedback. With the upcoming shift to Windows 10, the developers of NextGen Reader are looking to make their layout and UI more similar to align their applications. Not everyone is a fan of the design and layout of apps for different devices coming closer together but the developers of NextGen Reader view it as a positive in the long term.

“We know many of you (especially WP fans) are very critical about the new design in Win10 Technical Previews but do not worry, we’ll take a thoughtful approach on implementing the hamburger button in Nextgen Reader. However, we definitely believe that adding hamburger control to the sdk will eventually turn out to be a massive gain for Windows app store, as tons of developers want to aesthetically match their apps on all platforms (consider shopping and banking apps across platforms and so on).”

What the developers are asking for is feedback in the form of comments on their article. They’re big on receiving and following feedback and for such a big change they’re looking for a lot of it. The link to the article can be found below.

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