Next Xbox will require games to be installed on a HDD, and will always be on?

Email Twitter: @ZacB_ Mar 20th, 2013 inNews

The Next Xbox appears to be coming along nicely, as today images of the XDK setup wizard for the console leaked, revealing a few things we didn’t know before.


First up is the Always On features. The Next Xbox will support various power states, which means it will always be powered on and connected to the internet. This will allow for instant play when a player decides they wants to turn the console on, just hit the power button and begin instantly.

The Next Xbox will also be sold with a Kinect device, as it will be required for the console to work. Kinect will have been updated of course, but it seems strange to need the Kinect plugged in 24/7, even when games don’t use it.

Up next, the Next Xbox will also include a HDD as standard, as it will be required to play any game. The Next Xbox will need the game to be installed onto the HDD to play it, which sounds rather depressing. However the console will allow you to begin playing just after the install begins, which means there will be no waiting time between buying the game and installing it.

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