Next major Windows 10 update to be called “Autumn Creators Update” in the UK and other markets

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Three months ago, Microsoft announced its commitment to release two major Windows 10 updates every year, in March and September. This year, the Creators Update went RTM in March and started rolling out to all Windows 10 users a month later, and Microsoft is currently working hard on the Fall Creators Update, to be released in September at the earliest.

The “Fall Creators Update” branding is somewhat consistent with Microsoft’s current focus on empowering creators and digital artists, though it appears that the company will choose a different branding in select english-speaking countries to avoid confusion. Indeed, Windows Central spotted that Microsoft is now calling the major release the “Autumn Creators Update” in select markets such as the UK, Ireland, Australia, South Africa India, were “Fall” is not commonly used to describe the season following Summer.

Next major Windows 10 update to be called "Autumn Creators Update" in the UK and other markets - - July 17, 2017
Microsoft mentions the “Autumn Creators Update” on its UK website.

This won’t change anything in the US and Canada, where the upcoming major update will still be called the Fall Creators Update. It’s a bit unfortunate that Microsoft had to settle for a slightly different branding in select markets, but this probably won’t matter for the majority of consumers that don’t really pay attention to Windows 10 versions and major updates.

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