Next Lock Screen for Android updated with French and Italian language support, better performance, and more

If you’re an Android user and are looking for a new launcher to try out, then you should give Microsoft Garage‘s Next Lock Screen a look. It provides an efficient, Microsoft-focused alternative to the standard Google launcher. Today, the app received an update with a few new features and tons of performance improvements.

Here’s the changelog for version 3.6.0:

1. French and Italia language
2. Lock screen performance improvement when lock/unlock
3. Improves memory usage
4. Fix bug launchpad show quickly after unlocking
5. Fix occasionally notifications’ title and content mismatch

Go to Google’s Play Store and hit update, or download the Next Lock Screen app from the link below. Let us know in the comments what you think of today’s update.

Next Lock Screen
Next Lock Screen
Price: Free
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Are you using the Next Lock Screen app on your Android device?