Next-gen Xbox reportedly utilizes your TV cable box, similar to Google TV


It looks like Microsoft’s upcoming sequel to Xbox 360, codenamed Durango, will feature the ability to utilize your TV cable box, similar to what Google does with its Google TV service.

According to a new report, Microsoft’s next generation Xbox entertainment console will take over your living room by utilizing your TV cable box. The Xbox user interface will then be displayed on top of an existing TV channel or set-top box. Unlike Google TV, Microsoft will expand this setup with more content providers and extended support for various cable services.

Most of us already know about the next Xbox featuring an “always online” connection to use entertainment services, such as streaming content and watching TV. In fact, Microsoft is even planning on launching a low-cost Xbox TV set top box in the future.

Microsoft will go a step further with the upcoming Xbox console and enhance user experience with a new Kinect. The Kinect will feature the ability to detect multiple people simultaneously and can even detect eye movement to pause content when the user looks away from the TV. Microsoft is planning on integrating this type of feature with the Xbox user interface.

The new Xbox is rumored to be announced this May and is part of Microsoft’s effort is providing a single entertainment and media service source. Are you excited for the next Xbox?

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